Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

Legacy Hybridizer Program

Here at Triple Wren, we specialize in growing dahlias. The beauty and diversity of their blooms have captivated us. We truly enjoy both the rhythm of caring for their roots through the winter and growing their plants well in summer. We’re delighted by propagating vegetatively and by tuber division, and with the beautiful mystery that is dahlia seeds.
We are passionate about growing dahlias well and are committed to doing good in our industry by not only the way we grow, but also by the way we help others grow.

Because of this, in 2019 we began the Triple Wren Legacy Dahlia Program which invites experienced hybridizers to introduce their new varieties and to sell their existing varieties through Triple Wren. We have a relationship with each of our hybridizers, and we pay royalties to them for every one of their dahlia tubers, plants, or seed packets we sell.

We see dahlia hybridizers as creators, and believe they deserve the same kinds of compensation as authors, musicians, artists, and other creators.

Our Legacy Program has continued to grow and in our 2023 field of about 700 named varieties, more than half are part of our Legacy Program!

We produce large salable quantities of these varieties (our Legacy Collection), and free the hybridizers up from mass production so that they can focus on creating.

We have worked hard to build a marketplace and community that can provide our Legacy Program hybridizers with visibility and fair compensation for their craft, and we celebrate and respect them for their unique contributions to the beautiful world of dahlias!

This opportunity is currently by invitation only and is for dahlia hybridizers who have years (and sometime decades!) of experience hybridizing dahlias. We currently have eight Legacy hybridizers and we are so honored to help them bring their wonderful creations to market. Our current Legacy hybridizers are Kristine AlbrechtPaul BloomquistSteve and Sandy Boley from Birch Bay Dahlias,  Glenn Gitts,  Ken Greenway of Accent Dahlias, Jean Heeringa, Noni Morrison, and Wynne’s Dahlias.