How To Grow Beautiful Dahlias

We want you to grow the most beautiful dahlias you’ve ever had! Here are links to all of the blog articles we’ve written about how to successfully grow dahlias.

How to Plant Dahlia Tubers

Healthy Soil is the Key to Healthy Dahlias

How Much Space Do Dahlias Need?

How to Water Dahlias

How to Fertilize Dahlias

Supporting Your Dahlias

How to Care for Dahlias After They’ve Been Planted, But Before They Bloom

Pest Management for Dahlias

How to Pinch Dahlias

How to Pinch Your Dahlias and Use Them as Mid-Season Cuttings

Mid-Summer Flower Fertilization

How to Harvest Dahlias to Keep Them Healthy and Blooming All Summer Long

Preparing for Frost

Digging Dahlia Tubers

How to Store Dahlia Tubers

How to Divide Dahlia Tubers

2 thoughts on “How To Grow Beautiful Dahlias”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I am abundantly grateful as a new flower grower to have this at my fingertips. Do you have any information about pest control? Trying to do this organically, so any wisdom you might have would be so helpful!

    1. Hi Kelly! The best advice we have about pest control is to control the weeds around your plants. We live in a magical place in the PNW where there isn’t a lot of pest pressure, but we are still very careful about keeping weeds and grass controlled around our dahlias. The weeds act as a bug highway right to your dahlias! There are lots of tips and tricks to control pests organically too, depending on where you live and what pests you’re dealing with. If you have a Dahlia Society anywhere close to you, the people that attend there would be a wealth of knowledge about how to control pests in your area. Hopefully that points you in the right direction!

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