How to Water Dahlias

Looking for information about how to water your dahlias? We can help! Keep reading to find out all about how to successfully water your dahlias.

Wait to Water Until Dahlias Start Sprouting

Did you know that dahlia tubers don’t absorb water? Their feeder roots absorb water. That’s why it’s important to not start watering your dahlias until you see green growth. When your dahlia sends up a shoot, that also means it’s started producing feeder roots and is ready to start being watered. 

What if it rains before my dahlia tubers start sprouting?

Don’t worry! As long as your soil drains well, and there isn’t any standing water in your garden, you should be fine.

How to Water Dahlias After They’ve Sprouted

We use irrigation lines to water our dahlias deeply 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the weather. By watering them deeply a few times a week, we’re encouraging them to grow deep supportive roots instead of shallow roots. Dahlias don’t like to sit in water though, so be careful not to water too much. The amount of water and how often you need to water will vary with your climate and the type of soil you have. The best way to monitor your dahlias’ water needs and health is to be out in your garden every day observing your plants. If your plants are droopy, increase the amount or frequency of watering. If you see standing water, back off on the amount of water.

Drip Irrigation vs Overhead Watering

Since we’re growing on a large scale, we use a drip irrigation system. This allows us to water right at the roots and not waste water to evaporation. You can successfully water dahlias with a sprinkler if you’re growing at home in a garden, but you’ll want to water in the morning before the heat of the day. Overhead watering can cause issues with powdery mildew, but it also helps to keep spider mites away, so as with most things, there are pros and cons!

Note: Did you know dahlias can absorb some water through their foliage? It’s a cool feature of these amazing plants. 

However you choose to irrigate your dahlias, the primary thing to remember is that your dahlias need regular, consistent water to keep blooming all the way until frost.