Would you like to learn how to grow dahlias, but don't know where to start?

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We’re Steve and Sarah Pabody. We’ve grown hundred of thousands of dahlias at our family flower farm since 2012, and have created an Online Course designed with the goal of helping you successfully grow dahlias in your own garden.

Whether it’s your first season growing dahlias or even if you’ve grown dahlias before but didn’t find the success you wanted, we’d love to help you grow the most beautiful summer garden of your dreams!


Anyone Can Grow Dahlias

a beginner’s comprehensive guide to growing and designing with dahlias

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Watch each module on your own schedule, and re-visit specific topics anytime you wish​

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  • Learn How to prepare your garden to grow beautiful dahlias
  • Learn how to purchase coordinating dahlia varieties so you can make stunning bouquets​
  • Discover when, where, and how to plant your dahlias
  • Find special tips for growing in containers
  • Learn which amendments to add to your soil (and when!) to keep your dahlias healthy all season long
  • Discover how/when to pinch your dahlias to ensure long and strong stems
  • Find out how to harvest your dahlias to encourage LOTS of blooms
  • Enjoy a lesson on how to make a stunning bouquet from the dahlias YOU grew
  • Plus we’ve included 2 bonus videos about digging, dividing, and storing dahlias.

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