Top 4 Questions about Rooted Dahlia Cuttings

Have questions about our tissue culture rooted dahlia cuttings? Here are answers to the 4 the most asked questions about dahlia cuttings.

Q. Will rooted cuttings bloom the first year I grow them?

A. YES- Both rooted cuttings and dahlia tubers grow plants that should bloom bountifully the first year they’re planted. (The rooted cutting will often bloom first!) πŸ’

Q. Will cuttings make tubers the first year?

A. YES- Rooted cuttings should produce a tuber clump the same year you plant them, given at least 120 days of growth. (A tuber-planted dahlia will produce a bigger clump of tubers.) You can save the little clump and plant it out again next year.

Q. Will cuttings be the same as the plant I took the cuttings from?

A. Yes, it will be the same! Unlike dahlia seedlings (which are all different), dahlia cuttings will be the same variety of dahlia that you took the cutting from. That means you can take your most treasured varieties and make more of them! πŸŽ‰

Q. When should I plant out my rooted cuttings?

A. Cuttings are ready to plant out when the roots have filled up the entire planting cell that you have them in. 🌱 You’ll want to harden off your rooted cuttings before planting them out in your garden,

πŸ‘‰Don’t forget! When pinching your dahlias, you can use the part you pinched off to make more dahlias. 🀩