Dahlia Growing Kits

How to Fertilize Dahlias

How to Fertilize Dahlias Are you looking for information about fertilizing dahlias? We can help!  There are three main things to know about properly fertilizing dahlias: Early Season Fertilizing We plant with granulated organic chicken manure fertilizer (5-3-2 + micronutrients!) in our beds, and top dress with more balanced fertilizer about 4-6 weeks later (or […]

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Dahlia Tuber Collection Growing Kits

We are excited to offer new dahlia growing kits that have everything you need to grow beautiful flowers all summer long! These dahlia tuber collections are just what a beginning flower gardener needs. ­Triple Wren’s Dahlia Growing Kits provide gardeners with all the tools needed to grow a beautiful flower garden. Each kit includes a Gift

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