Dahlia Information

Pest Management for Dahlias at Triple Wren

At Triple Wren, we plant about 50,000 dahlia plants in the ground each year. Despite our long rows and larger scale production, we still plant every tuber and rooted cutting by hand. We also check every plant for pest damage and disease on a two-week rotation throughout the season. We weed manually and monitor for […]

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Our Best Solutions to Specific Dahlia Pest Problems

It can be so frustrating when pests munch on your beautiful dahlias! It’s important to have an overall Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM), but when certain pests visit your garden, here are some solutions you could try. Rabbits Rabbits love young, tender dahlias! To deter rabbits, we suggest cage traps which will allow you to

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Best Dahlias for Cut Flowers

Perhaps you are providing flowers for a friend’s wedding or another event, and you need to keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful for the special day. Maybe you just want your kitchen bouquet to last as long as possible so you can enjoy it. Whatever your reason for wanting long-lasting dahlias, we can help. Here are our best tips for getting the most vase life out of your flowers.

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How to Make Rooted Dahlia Cuttings at Home

Hey friends! Here is our quick, easy tutorial on how to multiply your dahlias by taking herbaceous cuttings and rooting them. (Don’t miss the important links about how we make dahlia cuttings below the video!) Here are a few links mentioned in the video: HighTop Humidity Domes https://www.growerssupply.com/prod/116039.html Taking cuttings from cuttings/field plants https://www.triplewrenfarms.com/pinch-your-dahlias-and-use-them-as-mid-season-dahlia-cuttings/ Video of how

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How to Fertilize Dahlias

How to Fertilize Dahlias Are you looking for information about fertilizing dahlias? We can help!  There are three main things to know about properly fertilizing dahlias: Early Season Fertilizing We plant with granulated organic chicken manure fertilizer (5-3-2 + micronutrients!) in our beds, and top dress with more balanced fertilizer about 4-6 weeks later (or

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