Variety Comparison: Hollyhill Pink Martini and Gerrie Hoek

Today, let’s compare Hollyhill Pink Martini and Gerrie Hoek – two beautiful pink waterlily dahlias that we love growing in our fields. Despite their similarities, side by side they’re easy to tell apart.

Hollyhill Pink Martini is one of the largest waterlily-form dahlias we’ve ever grown at the farm. Its super-sturdy stems, upright habit, and productive reblooming habit combined with its size make it really unique. Gerrie Hoek is not a small waterlily, but HH Pink Martini makes it look that way because it’s simply enormous. Gerrie Hoek does have more slender stems in comparison with Pink Martini, and a more open, graceful habit, but they are both strong enough to remain in our selective program year after year. (We’re choosy about selling dahlias that are good for cuts!)
Gerrie Hoek is a fairly solid color mid-pink dahlia, but it has a beautiful glowy quality in its center that makes it really sparkle. Hollyhill Pink Martini throws gorgeous bicolor (white to hot pink ombre) blooms.

Both of these varieties are productive bloomers and tuber-producers, and are similar in height and vigor in our fields. As you can easily see, Hollyhill Pink Martini has a higher petal count than Gerrie Hoek, with several more layers of petals. Both of these varieties are amazing both in the garden and in floral design work, and we wouldn’t want to be without either in our flower fields!

What other differences/similarities do you see in these two? Which is your favorite? 💐

Over the past 12 years, Steve and I have curated over 700 named varieties and they make such a glorious show in the summer. This time of year, it helps us to keep those blooms in mind as we do the work required to keep all those beauties organized and safe from the winter cold. It’s all worth it when we can share tubers with our customers and see all our collective gardens in BLOOM! The beauty is breathtaking, and for us, it is so useful to have loads of varieties available to compare for height, vigor, bloom color and size, etc., and to observe how they change throughout the season.