Your Dahlia Tubers Have Arrived!

It’s so exciting to receive new dahlia tubers in the mail. There’s just so much potential for beauty in those little packages when they arrive!
Here are a few important things you should do when you receive your dahlia tubers so that you care for them properly.

First, open the box immediately to make sure your tubers arrived safe and sound. Tubers from Triple Wren will be stamped with their names, and packed in a bag with wood shavings. Check to be sure you received your order correctly, and prepare to plant your dahlias!

Ideally, plant your tubers as soon as possible after receiving them.
However, sometimes you (or your weather!) aren’t quite ready for planting when your package arrives. If that happens, then its important to store them appropriately. You can store them right in the bag you received them in for up to a week if you tuck them away in a cool (40°-50°F), dark spot that’s safe from hungry pets. If you need to store them longer, put the bag, tubers, and shavings in an airtight tub or ziplock and store as directed above. Check on them frequently to make sure too much condensation isn’t forming and that they aren’t drying out. If condensation is forming, just open the airtight container a little bit. If they’re too dry, spritz the shavings with a little bit of water to add some moisture back into the bag.

When you’re ready, plant your tubers out after all chance of frost has passed and when you aren’t expecting a particularly rainy week. Happy planting!